Star Spangled Bummer: Every American Falls as we Enter Day Three of Homestory Cup

Players from around the world have been gathering in a small flat above an Irish pub in Germany this weekend for the fouth Homestory Cup. The intimate format is something which fans of the tournament have come to love. However, fans from the US may be left feeling a little bit sour as we enter the tournament’s third day.

During the first group stage of the event, which has been played out over the last two days, every single American player has been eliminated — and while some may argue that some of the United States’ big guns such as Evil Geniuses’ Idra aren’t present, the song remains the same; we won’t be seeing an American champion this time around.

That said, today we’ll be moving into the second group stage with, hopefully, some more great games to be witnessed in the process. Here’s the lineup for day three — Group B is looking like a particularly tough one to come out of alive:

Group A:

  • Sound [T]
  • DIMAGA [Z]
  • Grubby [P]
  • DarKFoRcE [Z]
Group B:
  • MC [P]
  • Marineking [T]
  • Socke [P]
  • Stephano [Z]
Group C:
  • JYP [P]
  • ReaL [P]
  • ClouD [T]
  • GoOdy [T]
Group D:
  • HerO [P]
  • viOLet [Z]
  • Nerchio [Z]
  • Naama [T]