WCG 2011: Round of 16 Match-ups Set

We’ve just come to the end of the second day of StarCraft II action in the World Cyber Games 2011. There’s been a few surprises and a few upsets, with players such as IdrA and Sen not making it out of their groups. Nonetheless, we have a final 16.

Here’s the list of match-ups that’ll be taking place tomorrow:

  • mOOnGLaDe [Z] vs. [T]  MarineKing
  • HuK [P] vs. [T]  Kas
  • Mvp [T] vs. [P]  MacSed
  • BlinG [P] vs. [Z]  KiLLeR
  • XiGua [Z] vs. [Z]  Snute
  • DarKFoRcE [Z] vs. [Z]  F91
  • TitaN [P] vs. [P]  KiWiKaKi
  • SuperNova [T] vs. [T]  GoOdy
The action will kick off at 10:30 KST. A semi-complete schedule of the stream is available over at GOMTV.