Three Things Other Tournaments Can Take From NASL 2 Finals

So, NASL has concluded and fans’ feedback will be appearing all over the interwebs, as usual. Many will be fast to shout about negative criticisms, but here we’ll put the empty seats and ‘zoomy’ cameraman to one side, instead looking at three things that were great ideas on NASL’s part.

1. The Player Entrances

When the GSL finals took place at BlizzCon earlier this year, I thought it was a hugely memorable moment seeing MVP and MMA walking between the crowd as they made their way to the stage. At NASL 2, I salute the fact that they’d tried to grow such a thing with their individual player intros, complete with player’s choice of music. Sure, it seemed a little awkward with barely any fans lining the walkway, but I’d wholly love to see other tournaments improve on this and try it for themselves in the future.

We’ve all used our CD players to pretend we’re pro-wrestlers as kids (just me?), entering the living room with our favourite tune blaring out. Let the pro-gamers have their chance to do it in front of a crowd!

2. No Games Overlapping

Don’t flame me. I totally understand that it’s not feasibly possible to show every single game from the open bracket of an MLG, for example. I also understand it’s much easier to achieve this when you’ve a whole weekend to play out your top 16, as NASL did. But, I think once it reaches top 16, some events could do a little more to ensure that games aren’t overlapping and being broadcast on different streams at the same time, or sometimes not even being streamed at all.

I love the choice of streams at events and, yes, the more content coming out of these tournaments the better. But it surely bugs all of us when two of the top 16 games are being broadcast at the same time or, in the case of BlizzCon, seeing games from a relatively small tournament (in terms of player numbers) not being streamed at all.

Is a multi-stream view the only answer?

3. The Single Booth

Right, I’m by no means saying that the self-contained, futuristic-looking gaming capsules that many tournaments might use are bad. I want one in my house. But, is there not a slightly higher level of intensity to seeing two players sit in a single booth, face-to-face?

Despite being on the big stage, I can imagine from a player’s perspective it’s easy to sit alone in a booth and not think too much about your opponent being right there. However, put the opponent on the other side of your monitor, and it’s got to add tot he reality of the task at hand. Not to mention that, as fans, it’s great to see the players’ immediate reactions toward one another at the end of a series.

What did you like or dislike about the NASL Season Two Grand Finals? Shar your thoughts in the comments below.