StarCraft Gift Guide: What to Buy a StarCraft Fan This Holiday Season

We’re into December and the holiday season is fast approaching (some might even say it’s already here). It’s all fun times, apart from the serious impact on wallets worldwide — – and the always complicated task of buying appropriate gifts.

If you’ve got a friend, partner or relative that’s a fan of StarCraft, however, we’re going to try and help you out. Here’s our list of five things, of varying monetary value, that you can buy a StarCraft fan this holiday season.


Us StarCraft fans love a good, nerdy t-shirt. Not only do they give us something to wear, but also convey our love for this game to anybody that we wander by. There’s a bunch of options for this one, with a bunch of designs to be chosen from. has some cute and comical ones to peruse, while Jinx have a ton of officially licensed goodies. Many teams have also started to sell official team jerseys, such as Evil Geniuses, Team Dignitas and Team Liquid, so if you know your potential gift receivers favourite team, this could be an awesome choice.

Cheap and Cheerful Mouse Mat?

If you’re not in the position to spend a lot of cash, don’t fret. Here’s a little something that every StarCraft 2 player will appreciate and have a use for — it also comes at an affordable price. SteelSeries have several of their QcK model gaming grade mouse surfaces available with StarCraft designs upon them. They look good, work well and would make a great gift.

StarCraft Keyboard, Headset or Mouse from Razer?

Some may argue that for what you pay, these may not be the very best peripherals for playing StarCraft. However, I can’t imagine anybody being upset if they received one of these bad boys. The Spectre mouse, Banshee headset and Marauder keyboard form a range of officially licensed StarCraft II gaming peripherals, developed by the massively popular gaming accessory manufacturer Razer. Not only do they look cool with their StarCraft branding, and not only do they have all of the specifications and features you could really wish for, but they’ve also got a rather neat little feature up their sleeve; the colour of the peripheral’s illumination changes along with the player’s APM (actions per minute). It’s an awesome thing to show off to your friends, and it’ll also make sure you want to up your game. I mean nobody wants their buddies to know they’re a nooby just because of the colour of their keyboard, do they?

GSL Yearly Premium Ticket?

GOMTV’s Global StarCraft II League is proclaimed by many as the world’s greatest competition in SC2 — and I’d suspect there’s very few out there who’d refute that claim. With all of the top players from Korea participating, an increasing number of foreigners attending and everybody’s favourite (maybe) casting duo, Tastosis, on hand to keep you in the know, it’s a must watch. But it goes out live at some rather awkward times for those outside of Korea, and a subscription is need to watch the recorded version or to view the live stream in high quality. But, with the newly released subscription formats, this could be the perfect gift. A GSL Premium Ticket will get a viewer access to all of the GSL’s content for 2012, as well as access to mobile streams, dual streams and even the Korean and first-person view videos. It’ll even grant access to next week’s Blizzard Cup if you buy soon enough.

n00bz Marine Figurine?

I’ve saved this until last, because it could be somewhat of a wild-card. It’s certain that us nerds can’t get enough of action figures, even as we grow older — and any StarCraft fan would want one of these figurines on their shelf. But the wild-card factor is this; our wives and girlfriends (or husbands and boyfriends) often try to cover-up our love for those things which can be called anything but ‘toys’. They probably won’t want it on the mantle, therefore they likely won’t buy it as a gift. But if they do, display it with pride! You’ll find them in the Blizzard Store.

I’ll leave it at that for now,  I feel there’s a good selection, but of course there is more. So let us know, what StarCraft related gifts would you love to receive this holiday season? Leave a comment below to share it with all… and next time somebody says, “what do you want for Christmas?” Well, you can just show them this page.