All Set for a Great NASL Season 2 Finale: Semi-Final Recap

After a second day packed with some awesome series of StarCraft 2, NASL Season 2 is all set to go out with a bang on Sunday night. After a menagerie of top players, some surprising results and a couple of unfortunate team-kills — including PuMa winning 3-0 over Evil Geniuses team mate, Idra — we have a top four and our two grand finalists.

The first semi-final saw Taiwanese Zerg, Sen, facing off against Team Liquid’s DreamHack-winning Protoss, HerO. Having looked like a real-close series on paper, HerO came off to a flying start, steadily going 2-0 in the best-of-7. Going in to game 3, cross-positions on Crevasse looked quite favourable for the Zerg to start a comeback. Opting for a quick Spire from two bases allowed Mutalisks to do a good bit of damage while defending a Warp Prism elevator move, but hit “GG” after a poorly positioned battle saw his army evaporate. HerO then took that momentum all the way, winning game 4 convincingly and securing a position in Sunday’s Grand Final.

Then, to determine HerO’s opponent, we had what was only the second Terran vs. Terran of the weekend, Mousesports’ ThorZain against Evil Geniuses’ Puma. Both came out of their quarter-final matches looking very strong and both had to dismiss a team mate in that same round,this was shaping up to be a close one. Although, PuMa looked extremely confident as he entered the booth with a grin on his face and Guns and Roses’ Welcome to the Jungle in the background. He then exerted that confidence in game 1, flanking ThorZain’s army as it shelled away on his main base to take 1-0 lead. However, the Swedish Terran served a bit of a reality-check on PuMa in game 2, capitalising on an early lead that came from a Marine and Medivac push to even things up 1-1.

ThorZain then reverted to a similar style to that which failed him in game 1, this time around it worked a treat. The appropriately named “Spoon Terran” meticulously picked apart PuMa on Shattered Temple, taking a 2-1 lead over the Korean. The lead wouldn’t last long, though; Puma’s switch to a mech composition on Dual Sight saw mass blue-flame Hellion run-bys open up an economic lead which enabled PuMa to bring it back to 2-2. This was quickly followed by a funky Hellion/Reaper opening from PuMa, taking a very quick game 5. The Evil Genius then implemented a similar mech style to take game 6, a 4-2 victory and set us up for a rematch of the epic Dreamhack Winter 2011 final series.

So, with that all said and done, we’re lined up for a Terran vs. Protoss Grand Final on Sunday, December 4th. Final day coverage is set to kick off at 4pm PST with a special, live Day[9] Daily, the third place play-off game at 5:15pm PST and the big one, HerO vs. PuMa for the $40,000 first place prize, at 7:15pm PST — all happening over at